– Art statement –

My love for nature and its ingenious design is my main source of inspiration. The earth and its colours, clouds, driftwood, seashells and stones, the fluidity of water move me deeply and stir my imagination.

These past few years, Japanese paper (washi) and clay have become my preferred mediums as they best help me to express my artistic vision.

I do not aim to represent particular objects. What appeals to me in fact is de-structuring form, various emotions surfacing through shapes, colours, play of light, reflections and shades.No matter what medium I pick, I want to capture moments of harmony in the chaos surrounding us.

A theme I often explore is the duality of our universe: light and darkness, love or hate, male and female, spiky and gooey. I wish to represent our path towards the always imperfect balance between yin and yang, joy and suffering, towards relinquishing perfection, learning to accept ourselves and opening up to others. This is exactly how I like to work on matter or material: letting my hands dance with clay or pigment toward the instant where angles become curvy and lines become splashes.


– This is me –

I was born a while ago in one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Europe: Plovdiv, or Philippopolis, or Trimontium, or Evmolpias, … in a country known from 681 AC as Bulgaria.

Thracians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Turks and other peoples have adored it too. Traces of old civilizations from Neolithic settlers to recent cultures are imprinted in my town, everywhere…This was the air I breath from day 1.

Art in all its forms is a passion that took root early, but blossomed much later. As a child, I designed and sewed dresses for my dolls and won drawing contests at school. Later on, I loved reading books about painting, and visiting art galleries and museums.

At university, I studied textile engineering – although my real passion at the time was industrial design. I spent the next 25 years in the garment industry, as a teacher in professional institutes (in Bulgaria, Morocco and Tunisia), as a manager in corporations (in Bulgaria and Tunisia) and, since 2005, as a technical designer in the Canadian garment industry.

I learned about the geometry of form and shape, the demanding interplay of shade and colour, the science of design and texture. However, there was always an element missing.

After a mid-life – and very welcome – wake-up call, I have decided to pursue this lifelong passion of mine. Only this time, I will do things… my way. Finally freed up from family traditions and social expectations, I am exploring my creativity while celebrating and helping preserve our planet, as nature and its beauty are the source of inspiration for what had been the missing part in my life: the deep joy of creation.

Over the past eight years, I have taken various courses, mainly at the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal where I have explored different mediums: watercolour, acrylic, printing, photography and ceramics.

I have been a member of YES Montreal since 2016 and through them I took a workshop on how to build a successful portfolio at Concordia University. This gave me the courage and inspiration, the final push to follow both my heart and my art. And I have been admitted as a regular student in Fine Arts at Concordia to study Ceramics this Fall. Having lived on three continents and being someone who delights in diversity and discovery, I am thrilled about the opportunities this renowned and culturally multicultural establishment will give me.

My ultimate goal would be to pursue a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Art Therapy. I would love to help others on their own path towards creativity, self-expression and self-knowledge. This would be such a worthwhile accomplishment and my greatest satisfaction.

Since September 2017, I have been taking part in several exhibitions at Gallery Z (downtown Montreal) with ceramics and paintings. I am also an active member of Regroupement des artistes de Rosemère (RAR).

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